This hilariously endearing bedtime story is perfect for anyone who loves sloths, music festivals, and/or cuddles.

Snuggleford Cuddlebun is a champion sleeper. In fact, she's such a good sleeper that she decides to go to Snoozefest, an arena festival that celebrates sleep. There, she lounges in her hammock while bands like the Nocturnal Nesters and the Quiet Quartet serenade the audience with lullabies. There's warm milk and honey to be had, designer pajamas from Diane von Firstinbed and Alexander McDream, and no one dares be seen without a baby blanket. But before she knows it, the nuzzling, snuggling, and dreaming are over—and Snuggleford has slept through it all.
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Shabd Linen Shibori. Square. Quadrilateral perfection. A dramatic grid of blue and white. Some lines bleed and blur, others are sharp and precise. Together, the effect is sophisticated, timeless, and utterly of-the-moment. They use only the finest Belgian linens in colors suitable for both mothers and fathers. Naturally antibacterial, cool to wear, and perfect for all climates, linen is also easy to care for and becomes softer and stronger over time. Handcrafted from a single layer of linen, each sling is lightweight, breathable, and adjustable. All Sakura Bloom slings are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle, fully reversible, designed to fit all body shapes and sizes, and easy to use with newborns and toddlers. Each comes with a detailed booklet with instructions, tips, and many photos. Whether a special treat for yourself or a gift for a friend or loved one, each of our slings is beautifully packaged and sent with care. Hand dyed in Brooklyn and sewn in Massachusetts. Shabd Simon-Alexander is an internationally renowned textile artist and designer with a background in fine arts. Her clothing line, shabd, is carried in high-end boutiques and art museums around the world. She has collaborated with various designers, organizations and artists, including a design collaboration with Baggu, Mocuin,, and Fab, a custom tote bag for the Whitney Museum, and a collaboration with the artist Georgia Sagri on an installation for the 2012 Whitney Biennial.
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The best active and fun baby toy! These Large Baby Roller Wheels by Grimm's Spiel und Holz are perfect to get little ones moving! It is smoothly finished and has a jingling bell and 7 colored, wooden balls inside that tumble along making interesting wood percussion sounds, which make all that rolling that much more fun! A perfect toy to encourage babies to move (turn, crawl, walk or run), and develop understanding of actions because baby can experiment with cause and effect. Shake, rattle and roll! Balls and bell are safely secured inside and are not removable. Made in Germany from hard wood, and beautifully colored with certified safe, non-toxic, water based dyes, these large baby rolling toys measure approximately 6 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches wide.

Available in three colors: natural wood with rainbow, pink ombre or blue ombre.

Nestled in a small-town in Germany and steeped in the rich European history of handcrafted woodworking and toy-making, Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design creates heirloom-quality, imaginative wooden toys loved by children (and even adults!) of all ages. Inspired by the philosophy of Waldorf education, Grimm's believes that creativity develops the imagination and free spirit. Parents love Grimm's because these high-quality designs encourage exploration, out-of-the-box thinking, and open-ended, independent play.
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Everyone knows that a dog (or cat) is a kid's best friend. Not ready for the real thing? That's ok because Le Toy Van has you covered. Set includes: dog, kennel, bowl, bone, coupled with cat, mat and bowl. All pieces are made of wood, except for mat and blanket. For ages 3+. Size: 3.5 x 5 x 3.5 inches ; 7 ounces. Le Toy Van designs and creates beautiful painted wooden toys with high play value and stylish aesthetics to encourage real learning through imaginative play. Especially designed to stimulate every child's development through rewarding creative play. Le Toy Van toys are designed in Great Britain, and manufactured in Indonesia.
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Do you have a smarty-pants at the table who loves to get even smarter? Their Fun Fact Printable Placemats are a great way to bring fun and smarts to the table. This Dinosaurs set includes eight unique dinosaur placemats in five different styles so that you can pick the set that suits your style or event. Whether you are hosting a party, or just want to be a super parent on a regular weeknight, these dinosaur placemats will enliven the table setting and enliven the conversation. They recommend printing the black and white placemats on regular copy weight paper at your local print shop. This should be pretty cheap (they'd guess about $0.15 each!). Then bring coloring supplies to the table and allow the kids to color their placemats. They recommend printing the color placemats on card stock at a local print shop and laminating them! That way, just wipe them off at the end of the meal and save them for next time. With 8 different dinosaurs, you'll get a lot of use out of these before your child gets the same placemat twice! INCLUDES: 5 different color options. 8 different dinosaur designs. formatted to print on 11 x 17 paper at your local copy shop. Bonus: The black and white placemats could be blown up huge at a copy center like Staples.
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Ready for chilly playdates and stylish outings? This cozy trapper hat will have your baby looking adorable and ready for the weather. Soft, fuzzy faux-shearling lining warms a cute trapper hat printed in cheery plaid. Size 0-12 months in orange plaid. 100% polyester faux-fur lining. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Tucker + Tate offers a variety of beanies, clothing shoes and socks at Nordstrom. Affordable options with better quality is what you can expect from Tucker + Tate.

You can find more of this great children's clothing line here at Nordstrom.
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The fabric ball pit is made with soft cotton and linen blended fabric. It is also decorated with small starry patterns and the cover is decorated with rocket and star patchworks. When babies want to play games, simply open the upper part with the zipper. If not, close the zipper so that dust does not accumulate on the balls for hygienic keeping. It is a practical product that can also be used as a pouf. The sides are cushioned for safe playing of babies. The bottom surface can be detached for washing. Materials: cotton and linen blended fabric(starry fabric), cotton 100%(details), hypo-allergenic premium polyester fiberfill. If not using the balls, you may replace them with “inside cushion.” Small Size: diameter about 60 cm, height about 30 cm / approx. 24" x 24" x 12" Medium Size: diameter about 75 cm, height about 30 cm / approx. 30" x 30" x 12" Large Size: diameter about 87 cm, height about 30cm / approx. 34"x 34"x 12" Putting 100 small balls in the small size, 200 balls in the medium size, and 300 balls in the large size is suitable for playing in fabric ball pool. You can also keep sewn soft dolls inside. Washing : Wash it by hand in cold water with a gentle detergent.
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100% Handmade Skateboard Swing. From their yard to yours! Perfect for swingsets, tree swings etc. They custom make every swing using the highest quality materials. They are happy to present to you one of the funnest toys to be built in recent years. If you are looking to get your kids off computers, TV and outside playing - the Sk8Swing is the answer. If you are hanging from a swingset the swings are ready to hang - literally just remove your old swing and clip in the Sk8Swing and you're done! If you are hanging from a tree - average hang time is approximately 15 minutes. Their Skateboards are made from 100% Canadian Maple. They use superman strong rope and accessories. Quality and attention to detail goes into every swing. Colors available: red, pink, orange, purple and grey.
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Sharp Tooth Studio's newest collection of banners focus on bringing bold, pop culture typography and abstract felt assemblage with the traditional wall banner. These banners smack you in the face with good vibes when you walk in the room. With customizable colors and phrases, these fun and creative banners would be the perfect addition to any nursery or child's bedroom to embolden and excite your children's imagination and determination.

Banners are made of a heavy canvas material and machine stitched on all sides. Each letter is hand cut from high quality wool felt and stitched on using coordinating embroidery thread. Hung on a pine dowel rod with rustic, jute twine, it is ready to adorn any room and inspire young children. A solid color tassel in any color can be added to your banner point, please specify what color you'd prefer in the 'note to seller' at checkout. Yellow is the default tassel color if none is specified.
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Let your little one learn some bowling skills at a young age with this fun wooden set! Set comes with 6 pins and two balls. Pins measure 5 inches tall. Balls measure 1 3/4 inches. Painted with certified baby safe paint, and sealed with a natural beeswax polish.

Created in the foothills beneath Little Cottonwood Canyon. Little Cottonwood offers handpicked modern goods for your little ones. They started their company to make it easy for us stylish moms to find cute products for our babies and toddlers to play with and decorate their rooms. They are inspired by the great outdoors, and want each product to reflect that. Whether it's the mountains, the desert, or the beach--they strive for finding and creating high quality products.
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