Meet Lion, Panda, Teddy and Pirate! Every child's best friend. Besides being a traveling friend the comforting blankie doubles as a peekabo sheet, and offers different levels of pedagogical and playful interaction depending on the child’s age – peekaboo games for the smaller children, character and role play for the toddlers. The holes are perfect for thumbsuckers too. (0-5 years) Size Ø 70 cm / Ø 27.6 in. Material 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Printed with non-toxic dyes. Little Red Stuga, founded in 2007 by designers Kasper Medin and Ulrika E. Engberg, is a Swedish children's design company based in Gothenburg. They innovate to support children's fundamental needs and human right to activity and stimulation. 
Their ambition is to create quality by design aimed at children and young-at-heart adults. 
Always with an international appeal and with a pedagogical content.
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Beautiful, hand-made timber garden swing featuring graphic design. Hang from a tree, a pergola or a swing frame, they look amazing and will last a lifetime. Each swing is hand stenciled, coated with an exterior grade varnish and finished with 10mm double braided weather resistant black rope. Seat size is 445mm x 185mm x 25mm.

Height is adjustable by simply moving the block handles up or down. Maximum drop length is 2mt when fully extended. Custom drop length available. Made in Melbourne using 100% sustainable, FSC certified, Australian Hoop Pine plywood.
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These charming decals by Made of Sundays are playful and ridiculously cute. They can adorn any child's bedroom and this friendly dragon is pretty good at scaring away ghosts and getting rid of any monsters living in their closet or under their bed. The content and curious kitty can make any surface look cute, and it doesn't even shed! The bow-tie clad bear is always a gentle-bear and the snoozing bunny is customizable making it perfect for the entrance of your child's bedroom.

You can arrange all the elements according to the size of your surface, hence these creatures will fit on most doors, closets or wherever you feel you need a happy face. Any cutout areas of the design allow your wall color to show through, which gives your decal a natural feel, rather than just looking like a sticker on the wall. Made of Sundays creates these whimsical vinyl door decals in Helsinki.
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These little fellows helps your child stay warm, when the leaves start changing and the snow starts dusting down or when there's a storm. Your child will love having their little squirrel and acorn mittens to adorn their little hands.

This design also comes as knitted socks as well! These gloves are perfect for children from 4-6 years of age. They are Hand knitted using 100% merino wool.

Fine Little Day is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their ambition is to create and offer quality design and crafts for children and adults who are young-at-heart. Their work is created by their design studio lead, Elisabeth Dunker and Ulrika E. Engberg. The products range from textiles to prints and are characterized by its simple aesthetics, expressive patterns and cheerfulness. The Scandinavian nature is a major inspiration and Fine Little Day strives to use sustainable and organic materials where feasible.
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Their Hipster Cat print leggings are made with 100% organic cotton, made to order and will ship within 7-10 business days of purchase. This print is exclusive to ollie jones clothing. Sizes available for newborn to 4T. Care instructions: Machine wash cool with phosphate-free detergent; tumble dry low or lay flat to dry for best results. Each item is a unique, handmade item; therefore, each item may differ slightly from the item picture; actual placement of pattern on leggings may vary according to size. Not intended as "sleepwear". Wash before wearing, as some children may have allergies. Ollie Jones Clothing is all about comfort, while still being hip, fun and on trend. All fabrics are printed on 100% organic cotton. Each piece is designed, cut, sewn and packaged by me in Toronto, Canada.
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The modern, simplistic design of the Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier makes it a tasteful addition to any room in your home. A finalist in the 2011 International Housewares Design Awards, the Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier provides up to 24 hours of moisture on medium setting. Suitable for rooms up to 250 square feet in size, this compact unit is energy-efficient and uses ultrasonic technology to add soothing moisture to dry air. Crane's Drop humidifier provides relief for cough and cold, nasal congestion, and dry itchy skin. Available in an array of stylish colors, the Drop Humidifier is an ideal combination of form and function and makes a great gift for any occasion. This humidifier does not require a filter to operate.

Humidifiers are an ideal choice for relieving the discomforts of nasal congestion, dry itchy skin, chapped lips, and dry throat. The moisture that humidifiers add to dry air helps alleviate common nuisances brought on by winter heating, such as static electricity, peeling wallpaper, and cracks in paint and furniture. Many physicians recommend the use of a humidifier to help relieve congestion from the common cold and flu as an alternative to over-the-counter cough and cold medicine.
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The Roxy Cutie Clip is made out of soft cotton trim and comes in two colors, either navy, grey, light blue and coral or ivory, light blue, grey, and coral . It is approximately 5.5-6.5 inches long (which includes the clip when measuring). Each metal clip is round, LEAD FREE, and has a plastic insert to protect the fabric to which you attach it. The Roxy Cutie Clip is double sided, has a matching elastic ribbon, and can be hand washed. Their stylish Cutie Clips are made out of beautiful trim and attach to your little one’s favorite things. As they like to say, "if you don't want to lose it, Cutie Clip it!!" Cutie Clips are unique in that they are shorter than most baby clips on the market and that they are also universal and multi-functional since they can be attached to all pacifiers, as well as babies’ toys, teethers, blankets, sippy cups, bottles, snack containers, hats, and/or any other baby items that have a hole in which you can loop through. Cutie Clips can be used to attach items to a baby's or toddler's clothing, carseat, stroller, high chair, swing, etc. Not only are our Cutie Clips universal and multi-functional, they are fashionable, made in the U.S.A. and help keep a baby’s or toddlers’ belongings safe and sanitary.
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For use at home, while traveling or at the restaurant, the Inglesina Fast Table High Chair is a must-have chair that's as comfortable as it is convenient for your baby. Parents love this chair because of its fast and simple, twist-tight coupling and its compatibility with most types of tables (up to 3.5 inches thick), leaving them scratch-free. It is ultra-light, collapsible and easy to carry comfortably in its large bag (hidden underneath the seat pad). So no matter where you are, your child will be able to sit and act like an adult. A fold-flat closing system allows no-hassle use and easy transportation. The lifted backrest and firm seat provide greater comfort of your baby and better posture for their growing bodies. A handy rear pocket is perfect for storing small toys or other mealtime essentials. Its removable cover is hand washable and its convenient and travel-friendly carrying bag is included.

When open its dimensions are: 14 inches x 17 inches x 11 inches. When closed its dimensions are: 14 inches x 17 inches x 4 inches. Its Weight is 4.2 pounds and will hold a child up to 37 pounds.
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This Newborn Baby Gift Set by Makié is a perfect gift for friends or family members who are expecting or recently celebrated the birth of a new baby girl or baby boy. The set includes a soft onesie featuring a wrap snap design and a bow tie closure. The 100% cotton onesie has short sleeves and wide leg openings and snap closures in a newborn size. The white, polar bear rattle is also made of 100% cotton and the super soft cotton blend wash cloth by Uchino has a textured polka dot design on one side.

This gift set is perfectly packaged in a Kraft box with natural twine cording

Makié is an elegant children's boutique in SOHO, New York City. One step into this quaint shop transports you into another world - a meticulously curated assortment of clothing and accessories for little sophisticates.
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Choose from these cute produce shirts to remind your kids eating healthy is fun! Lemon Face, Baby Carrot, Funky Broccoli, or Mr. Aubergine. T-shirts are 100% cotton. Sizes are available for 3-8 years of age. Bel’s art world is created by Belinda Chen who is passionate about illustration, printmaking and DIY culture. She started designing greeting cards and handmade books back in 2007. Since then she continuous the journey of expanding ideas into fun and playful new products in her East London Printing studio. Etsy is a great community and has been able to show case Bel's Art world to much wilder audience and allow her to creating more wonderful things!
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