Every child's first instrument should be a xylophone! This rainbow xylophone by Jack and Jill Company has a rich ringing tone. The mallet has a convenient storage spot on the xylophone's handle. Your child will be introduced to a musical instrument that is easy to play while they continue to learn to control and master their movements. It will help improve their attention, they can learn self-discipline, improve their memory, facilitate eye-hand coordination and foster muscle memory. The colorfully toned bars are not only fun, but help them learn!

The wooden frame is made from high quality Cedrela and shaped to a pleasing, rounded form. The tone is pure and bright, but not so loud as to annoy sensitive ears .
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Let your toddler create and arrange their own melodies! A fantastically fun intro to music for your little ones! This playful melody maker develops an early interest in music while teaching shape and color recognition. As individual pieces, these colorful blocks allow children to stack, organize and arrange the five pieces to create their very own melodies. When the music is done, nest the blocks together for a quick and easy clean up or stack for a beautiful display.

For children ages 12 months and up. Xylophone made of rubber wood and metal with non-toxic water based finish. Product is a five piece set. Designed in USA by Elizabeth Ganrude
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Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum is a favorite with preschoolers. The drumstick has a rubber head to soften the sound. Tapping the drum produces a pleasant melodic note. Experiment and explore the different notes made by striking the drumhead in different places. It is one of Plan's most popular toys. Great for introducing young children to rhythm and music. Perfect size for preschool hands. PlanToys® are made from natural rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex. To keep the wood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil three years prior to cut the trees down. To strengthen the wood, they use a chemical-free kiln-drying process. They also use non-formaldehyde glue, organic color pigment and water-based dyes.
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Musical bells design at its finest. Simply tap on the wooden top knobs to create enchanting tones. This patented design not only completely eliminate the double ring effect that might frustrate young learners when playing with standard handbells, but also enable pleasing auditory experience for children with low muscle tone or delayed motor skill development. These color-coded bells, each representing one of 8 notes in the major scale, make it easy for children to follow included songs or create their own. The joyful play experience promotes eye-hand coordination and self-esteem, and fosters musical creativity. Each iron bell is mounted in a high-quality beech wood stand with a tapping knob on top. Includes 8 bells, 4 large double-sided song cards, and an elegantly designed storage/carry case. Recommended for ages 3 years old and up.
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This fun and colorful, crocodile xylophone is the perfect toy to get your child inspired and interested in music. There are eight unique notes that line the crocodile's back, allowing little ones to make music with this activity-filled friend. They will also hear his mouth click and clack as this rockin’ reptile is pulled along the floor! Your child is sure to enjoy their new musical, reptile friend.

Skip Hop loves products and loves parenting. They eat, sleep and breathe the stuff. By putting their passion into these two pursuits, they create unique, innovative and highly functional products that make parenting easier, better and more fun. Based in New York City, Skip Hop is available world-wide for parents who appreciate better products that help improve their busy lives.
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This rainbow themed xylophone by Plan Toys is made of solid, organic rubber wood and water based dyes. When the mallet strikes the bars it produces melodious, pleasant notes. There are five different bars and each make a different note and children will begin to associate the colors with their specific sounds. The xylophone will start to build your child's sense of harmony and rhythm.

This game is extremely educational for toddlers as it combines their auditory sense and listening skills, musical talent and their fine-motor skills. The fun an bright rainbow colors attract their attention and imagination.
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Kindie folk rocker Elizabeth Mitchell sets a litany of happy-making everyday things to an uplifting tune. Why your kids will love this: The tone of this song matches perfectly the spirit of carefree youth! Why you as a parent will love this: Busy parents are encouraged to remember all the little things that make them happy too. Play this song on your next car ride, play-date or just because. At The Mother Company they're all about the social and emotional issues and everyday challenges we face as parents of young children today. As a parenting tool, they not only make helpful products for children, but also offer insightful articles on their site to help take some of the stress out of everyday parenting. - See more on their website.
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Your little mix master will make beautiful music with this wooden table, made up of an eight-keyed metal xylophone, one cymbal, one drum and two mallets. 15.4" X 11.4" X 6.7" Recommended for 18+months and up. Wood and metal. Wipe clean.

About Janod: A company to maintain the emotional bond created between children and «their» toys, to foster new vocations, to bring forth the expression of new talents… and to be happy to share unique moments with those we love!
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