Get your babe to love nature with these playful and soft mountain and tree plushies!

Made of 100% lambswool with 100% polyester stuffing. Colors range from blues, greys, greens and browns. Around 17 inches tall depending on the item. Handmade in USA.

Colette Bream is a handcrafted collection of pillows and toys, where every item is made one at a time. Due to the handmade nature of the products most of the items are finished after a customer places an order. Keeping the production in one place gives Colette Bream an opportunity to accept special requests: if you like a design, but would like to have it done in different colors to fit your interiors, they might be able to custom make it for you. All of their knitted products are designed and made using 100% Scottish Lambswool. She finds it very rewarding to watch new objects being created from just a "long piece of string" and is constantly inspired by nature (flora and fauna of all varieties), gardens and the wonderful world of childhood.
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Lucky Boy Sunday is a brand of modern luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home, inspired by an artistic take on the world of children. Their work magically straddles the worlds of adults and children, the everyday and the unusual, bringing a poetic, artistic sensibility to both the living room and the children’s room.

The brand's Danish designers, Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup, are highly creature textile designers with backgrounds in fashion and art, who founded their studio in 2007.

All Lucky Boy Sunday's designs are manufactured in Bolivia where alpaca have been bred for their precious wool for centuries. All items are knitted in cooperatives working under the fair trade principle by very talented women, using only the highest grade wool, which is as valuable and as soft as cashmere.
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Wonderful pals for your little one! The strange bear is made of gray linen, filled with synthetic stuffing and carefully embroidered by hand. It takes about 5 hours to make the toy like this. Approximate size of the bear (from paws to ears) is about 16 cm and he is 11 cm wide (~ 6.3 x 4.33 inches). You remember the little Curious Fox? As any lovely baby he has beautiful Mom, who loves him and teaches him to be attentive to nature and curious about everything. Whenever they are together he asks her: "What's there, Mom?" and she tells him "Look for yourself, baby - there are a lot of curious things around!" The Curious Fox took pretty much after his Mom - and she is a beautiful vixen. She is 16,5 cm tall and has about 7,5 cm in her widest part (about 6,5x2,95 inches). Her fur stitched in yellow and orange with white chest and ears and black dots on the tail. This may be a a nice lovely toy for you little one or a cute hanging home decoration. It is also can be scented with any essential oil. It is made of soft tea-dyed cotton and hand-stitched, with synthetic stuffing inside. Find other wonderful creatures in her Etsy shop such as, a raccoon, a cat, a rabbit or a hedgehog.
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Because every childhood is a story to be told... and every story needs a good back ground. How can a prince be the Prince... without his Pony. This toy was designed, patterned and handmade by milipa in cotton fleece. Dimensions of the pony are: 13" (33cm) wide/ 11" (28cm) tall. The pony is washable (in lukewarm water and ONLY by hand). The toy is kid friendly made in pet free and smoke free ambient. About milipa: Aesthetic aspect is very important for Milena in her designs. She wants her toys to be the source of joy for children in playtime and also an input to discovering the world of uniqueness. She truly believes that well-made toys “with a soul” can form our children, opening them to the world of beauty, values and meanings - as any art does. Sometimes a particular object can leave us in this strange state of stupor, which can be explained only by one word – magic. This is what I want my toys to be for those who receive them. She wants them to be magic for your little girl and for your little boy, helping them discover the world and discover themselves. If you are an adult and you hold her toys in your hands, she would like that they bring you memories of your own childhood and of what you have dreamed off when you were a child. Because finding joy in a toy does not necessarily have to be associated with playing with them.
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100% Handmade felt dinosaur soft toys looking for a swamp to cause mayhem in! There is a T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus... each one lovingly handcrafted by Burnt Gingerbread, Each set contains 4 soft felt designs, with double-sided details so both sides can be used! They are also lightly filled with stuffing for easy playing with small hands. These Dinos range in size from approx. 23cm/9" x 13cm/5" (Brontosaurus) to 10cm/4" x 11cm/4.25" (T-Rex). See full set photo for size comparisons. All dinosaurs use either acrylic or acrylic/wool felt blends, and polyester toy filling. Available in other color combinations as well. Greens and blues, pinks and reds or grey and white. No matter the color they are just as cute! Burnt Gingerbread Creations also offers handmade felt cupcakes, paper butterflies, fridge magnets, Matryoshka dolls, soft toys, paper lanterns, papercraft and lots more!
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Finkelstein's stuffed animals are goofy, quirky and a lot of fun! Each animal can be an inspiration to your child's creativity and playfulness. These wacky animals bring a smile to all faces especially your giggilng babe's.

Available in a vast menagerie of animals including a beaver, lamb, horse, polar bear, koala, sloth, pig, raccoon, bunny, chipmunk, fox and more!

Packed with ultra-plush softness each stuffed animal is handmade and is delivered in a custom Finkelstein's Center drawstring bag. Sizes vary depending on the animal, and there will be slight variations to each one due to the handmade process.
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Shape, graphic, color and clean materials inspires Lotte Fynboe of OYOY and her motto is “Less is More”. A lot of the products are redesigns of her Childhood memories. Choose from many wonderful animals to add to your child's room. "Elephant Dumbo" - Details: Embroidered eyes and foot nails, stitched by hand and soft fiber filling. Size: H 35 x L 40 x W 14 cm. 100% cotton. "Whale Moby" - Details: Embroidered eyes and mouth. Stiched by hand and with soft fiber filling. Size: h42 x l52 x w9 cm. 100% cotton. "Turtle Morten" - Details:Embroidered eyes, glasses and mouth. Stitched by hand and with soft fiber filling. Size: h33 x l 42 x w14 cm. 100% cotton. "Polar Bear Knut" - Details: Embroidered eyes, mouth and noise. Stiched by hand and with soft fiber filling. Size: H 34 x L 52 x W 14 cm. 100% cotton. How to care: Wipe with wet cloth - Spot clean only.
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Rollo the wolf likes to be amongst his woodland friends. Every week he makes a little party for them. There's always food and music, sometimes even fireworks! The whole forest knows Rollo is a fun-loving, jolly creature. The wolf is made from wool, cotton, stuffed with non-allergenic polyester fiber and embroidered with thread. Rollo is about 16'' (40cm) long. About Lesne: Every product is her design and hand made with all her passion & love. You will find magical woodland creatures designed and made by her own fair hands. She creates these little fellows using only natural fabric, thread & filling. She believes that children should play with toys that are safe & unique. All her enchanted creatures are born in a magic village called Radzewice. This place's got a big river running through it & is surrounded by old trees, bouncing deers, happy singing birds & of course the red fox.
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Ziggy the Big Blue Walrus has a huge mustache and long bright white teeth. He lives on the wide fields of ice in Greenland but now he visited my shop. Ziggy is made of bright blue plush, his fins are made of grey corduroy. His mustache is grey artifical fur and teeth are made of canvas. His nose and eyes are buttons. Hi is stuffed with high quality polyfill. The Walrus is 14" (35 cm) high to the top of the head and 18" long. He is called Ziggy because he is alike as Zsigmond Móricz, a famous Hungarian writer from the beginning of 20th century. If you order him, you can call him any name, of course. About Andrea Vida: Sewing is her passion since she was a child, and making dolls when her children were babies - it was 20 years ago. They do not play with her dolls anymore, but the passion of dollmaking is still alive in her. Most of her creatures are made of high quality plush and wellsoft fabrics. Sometimes she uses recycled materials which are thoroughly selected and carefully cleaned and prepared by her. She prefers natural threads, canvases, linen and wool. I always use high quality polyfill to stuff my dolls. Her dolls are always carefully sewn.
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Get your child ready for Halloween with this Bernie the Bat plushie! He may look spooky, and may scare off all your friends, but he's actually the sweetest and most loyal bat you'll ever know!

These handmade bat plushies with embroidered facial features are made with fleece, felt and poly fill. The size is approximately 12 inches long (from wing to wing).

Sleepy King is a wonderful place to find handmade stuffed toys, nursery decor and more! Handmade plush foxes, bears, bunnies, owls, squirrels, unique embroidered wall art, original watercolor illustrations, owl wing hair clips and much more. Everything is handmade with love, and great attention to detail, by Savannah Carroll in her studio.
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