This Tubby Todd gift set is the perfect gift for all the babies in your life! The set includes one of each: Hair & Body Wash (Lavender), Lotion (Lavender), Bubble Bath (Sweet Quince and Honeysuckle), Dream Cream (Shea Butter and Mint), Baby Fresh Spray (Sweet Quince and Honeysuckle), and All Over Ointment (Fragrance-free). All of their products are extra gentle for the tiniest newborn and toddler faces and bodies. Formulated with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, all of our products are safe and gentle for sensitive skin. The Hair & Body Wash has been Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested and approved. All of their products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and are made in the USA!

All products are absolutely toxin, gluten, paraben, sulfate, artificial fragrance and color, BPA and animal-cruelty FREE!
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Perfect is subjective…except when it comes to laundry detergent. A perfect laundry-washing experience is achieved when your fabrics wash clean, the environment is left clean, and when your skin is kept clean, really clean. Perfect is never testing on animals; being 100% biodegradable; producing bottles out of recycled materials; and being incredibly gentle. So get clean, for real this time. Treat your clothes, your body, your world to the perfect, undeniable, clean of Vaska.

Vaska one baby laundry tablets and detergent have been clinically proven to meet, or beat, leading detergents at removing dirt and stains, while leaving nothing behind. No stains, residue, toxins, irritants, pollutant or chemicals. Not in your clothes, not in your environment. Nothing harmful left for your skin, or our environment, to absorb.

Made from plant based surfactants and essential oils. NO nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), NO chlorine, NO phosphates, NO optical brighteners, NO animal products, NO EPA priority pollutants, NO dyes, and NO chemical thickeners.
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The Pronto is a portable diapering essentials kit that ensures that baby is always clean, dry and happy. Drop it in any bag, strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller and you're good to go. Its extra-wide changing pad wipes clean, and the head area is cushioned with an innovative 'pronto pillow'. The pad is also removable, allowing the body to become an independent diaper carry-all. The Pronto also includes a translucent wipes case, a mesh pocket that fits up to four large diapers and ointments, and a front zipper pocket for personal items.

At Skip Hop, they know that the world of new parenthood is a fine balance of being overjoyed and overwhelmed. We’re here to tip that balance with stylish, well-curated products known as 'Must-Haves Made Better'. Skip Hop products are embraced by families who crave smartly designed, highly functional solutions that simplify decision-making. Founded in 2003 and based in New York City, Skip Hop is one of the best-selling and most globally recognized brands for parents, babies and kids.
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The Ubbi diaper pail is made of powder-coated steel to achieve maximum odor control. It is equipped with rubber seals that are strategically designed to lock in odors as well as a sliding lid that minimizes air disruption, keeping the smell inside the pail. To meet the needs of today's parents, this award-winning nursery essential offers the convenience and value of utilizing any standard trash bag or reusable cloth liner. This feature makes it the easiest disposal system to load, use, empty and clean. Offering a modern and sophisticated twist to a once very industrial product, the sleek Ubbi diaper pail includes a child-proof lock and is available in an array of 12 colors. All the style and none of the smell - a promising solution for every nursery.
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There are many ways to add personality to a nursery and Woolf With Me has thought of everything, even down to the changing pad cover! Fabric: 100% Kona® Cotton. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Knit. Size: Fits standard contour changing pad. Dimensions: 32" x 16" x 4". Eco-friendly printing. Water-based ink. All edges have been professionally serged. High quality elastic is in-cased around the entire sheet for a clean look and great fit. Woolf With Me™ offers modern+organic Kids Bedding & Clothing. All items are handmade by Lindsay Woolf in Santa Monica, California.
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Going out with your baby has never been easier. Their innovative baby changing pad allow parents to change their baby in a hygienic and safe way. The diaper changing pad is portable with changing essentials such as diapers, wipes and cream stored in meshed pockets; situated near the baby's head for easy visibility and convenience. The changing mat is so compact it can be worn around your wrist, stored within your stroller, or use the strap provided to hang round your stroller's handle, or simply store within your bag. It's perfect for using within small public spaces designated for changing babies as well as being a great non-intrusive surface to change your precious little one on the beach while on vacation. Your baby is provided with a padded cushion to rest their head in comfort. The changing mat is made from quality polyester with waterproof PVC lining, so can easily be cleaned with wet wipes or a damp soapy cloth. The innovative diaper kit provides a front zipper that allows you to store keys, credit cards or any other personal items, allowing you to combine as a purse.
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