Imagine a world where pregnant women are always upbeat and glowing, newborns sleep on cue, toddlers love to have their teeth brushed, and teenagers gaze adoringly at their parents. Impossible, you say? Not according to advertisers who flood the web with stock photos of perfect parents and children. They’d have you believe that parenting is a piece of cake, and every significant moment of family life takes place on a spotless white couch.

So when Sara Given, a real mother of a real toddler, saw a picture of a radiant new mother in a cute little sundress breastfeeding her newborn in the middle of a golf course, she finally had enough. She launched a Tumblr, which is now visited by tens of thousands of new parents looking for a daily pick-me-up.

Because what better way is there to deal with the stress and strain of being a new parent than laughter? The perfect gift of cheer and solidarity, Parenting Is Easy exploits the disconnect between these preposterous photos and what happens in real life, and makes every reader laugh out loud—and feel better, too, because we’re in on the joke.
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This is a prompted journal that a parent can fill out to have a complete childhood history for their child. It covers from when the mother is pregnant, until the child is 18 years old. Each phase and year of the child's life has custom tailored prompts to ensure quick but meaningful recording for the parent.

When founder and creator, Jayne Swallow had her first daughter, she could not find any journal system that she liked for documenting her daughter's life. She started writing her own journal, but she realized that one day, this journal would really be for her daughter. So, she wanted it to be clean, nice and organized. It got to be too time consuming. She next tried a mobile app which she used sporadically, then started putting everything on Instagram, but she had too much she wanted to put down. Does any of this sound familiar? Feeling as though she has already forgotten so much, and knew she would regret it one day if she didn't figure out a solution. Then, with her second baby on the way, she knew she was running out of time to figure it out. In order for her to commit, she wanted a system that was doable - that she could start and finish completely. And not just with her first child, but for however many kids she had. A journal that was efficient but would record enough of the good details she never wants to forget. She also wanted it ALL in 1 place. And thus, Promptly Journals was born.
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Illustrator, Mie Frey's pregnancy was the biggest experience of her life. Her experience was then surpassed when she became mom to the cutest baby in the world. When she was pregnant she made the illustration series "Waiting" in an attempt to capture the unbelievable feeling of being the most elegant elephant. 
Throughout her pregnancy she also wrote down her thoughts, feelings, and the change of her body and the baby growing inside of her.

She has now combined the Waiting illustrations with the journal format and the result is this pregnancy journal. She hopes it can bring you happiness and help you to keep the memory of your wonderful experience or being pregnant and becoming a new mom.

The journal contains 68 pages with illustrations and plus pages for notes. Shipped in a protective envelope.
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The PeriCoach System takes the guesswork out of pelvic floor muscle training. Pelvic floor muscles are muscles like in any other part of the body. Exercising them properly restores tone and strength. PeriCoach helps with the training itself, provides real-time feedback that is beamed to a smartphone so you can view your progress. PeriCoach is also the first system to document your results over time so they can be shared with a clinician or pelvic health physiotherapist.

PeriCoach combines a pelvic floor training sensor, that you insert and squeeze against, with an app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). It provides guidance through your training session and monitors your progress. The PeriCoach training device contains 3 biofeedback sensors. Once inserted, you squeeze against the device and the sensors detect the contractions of the pelvic floor muscles sending an immediate report to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It provides a constant flow of information to show your progress, allowing you to to see and document your results.

Seeing the results and, over time, feeling the difference in the strength of the pelvic floor muscles is very gratifying. Restoring strength to pelvic floor muscles is not only associated with treatment of UI, but clinical evidence suggests this may also improve intimacy.
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Sometimes waiting is good, sometimes bad. When you are pregnant, waiting gets a completely new meaning. It is the most amazing time and the next moment it’s the hardest time. One moment you feel beautiful and elegant as ever before and the next moment you can sleep for a million years and you don’t even understand the meaning of elegance anymore.

During Mie Frey's own "waiting" she captured the beauty, elegance and exhaustion in her series, "Waiting". The print includes 15 moments pregnant women will experience. Each "moment" can also be purchased as a single print.

Shipped in a protective envelope. Frame not included.
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This super-concentrated moisturizing formula could take your very unhappy tummy skin straight to cocoa buttery, warm and tingly, super soft nirvana. There is no water in this lotion, just the creamy emollient skin conditioners your damaged skin craves. The product was developed for the uncomfortably stretched skin from which some pregnant mommies suffer. It smells great and glides right on the belly and is also wonderful for a variety of other uses, including dry, cracked skin on heels, elbows, knees, knuckles, windburned cheeks and anywhere else a regular lotion just won’t cut it. There’s no water, there’s also no need for chemical preservatives or emulsifying compounds. Just all-natural skin-loving oils and butters to nourish your sensitive skin!

The Belly Balm is a 1 ounce solid bar packaged in a plastic free cardboard push up tube. It stows nicely in a purse or diaper bag, or stash it discreetly in your pocket for those drive-you-out-of-your-mind skin distractions that occur at the most inopportune times!

Each ingredient in this formula is carefully selected to provide the soothing benefits your growing skin needs. Ingredients: organic olive oil, wildcrafted calendula, beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic unrefined raw shea butter, organic castor oil, hemp seed oil, lavender, ginger, helichrysum and chamomile.
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Nursing moms have a lot going on and they need solutions designed to fit their lifestyles. Storq's new soft cup bra has no clips or flaps, just pull it aside for quick and easy access. Its super soft, stretchy fabric is all about comfort with moderate support, perfect for maternity and after.

No underwire, minimal exposed seams and no little labels to poke you. Hook and eye closure at the back with adjustable back straps.

Accommodating boobs, bellies and butts is Storq's biz. They make luxuriously soft maternity basics and chic beauty essentials. Get everything you need in one click and feel like yourself again, only more comfortable.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be a black hole for good taste. Loud prints, tiny bows and oversized silhouettes are not our bag. Storq offers maternity essentials in easy-to-shop bundles that keep expecting mamas looking and feeling like themselves. Get everything you need in one click, and get on with your day. The basics collection is your maternity base layer, taking the anxiety out of outfit selection with four body-conscious pieces that stretch as you grow and blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. Luxuriously soft fabrics and minimal, adaptable silhouettes allow women to dress for pregnancy in total comfort without sacrificing personal style.
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Classic silhouettes are a sweet way to add sentiment and color to your wall decor whether it be in the living room or a child's bedroom. They make a wonderful heirloom.

A Family Print Shop meticulously creates these on the computer using the picture of the person's profile. TheyI prefer to give their silhouette's a more natural appearance and less of a "cartoon" look. Therefore, they don't completely smooth the hair but rather delicately and patiently refine and illustrate the area, all the while leaving it looking realistic.

Paper Weight: 120 lb crisp white cover stock in matte. Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches. No Frame Included. After receiving and approving the proof, it will ship within 3-5 business days.
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A sweet card for a special person.

The perfect gift card for a newborn, announcements or any greeting. This beautiful greeting card has typographic, gold hotfoil embossing and is comes with a blue envelope. "Oh Girl" is also available with a pink envelope.

Measures in at 85 mm x 55 mm.

Sarah & Bendrix is a small design studio based in Surrey, United Kingdom. They enjoy making products which are individually crafted and they also sell items from other small independent designers. Their signature products are personalised collections for weddings, anniversaries and children including framed pictures, posters, paper products, clothes and an amazing assortment of wooden toys. They offer all the finishing touches, such as cards, gift boxes, and luxury gift bags. Making finding the perfect gift easy.
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These greeting cards are the perfect gifts for new mommas. Send them either to a sweet momma who needs a reminder of how great she's doing, to a new momma with (obviously) the cutest baby or to any new momma that has welcomed their new little human into their life!

This pack features three cards: "Momma, you're doing great", "Congrats! You made a tiny human" and "Your baby is cuter than all the other babies"

Card made with gold foil and is blank inside. Card size is 4.25" x 5.5" with a European style envelope.
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