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Star gazing Mr. Fox accepts an exciting delivery. "Hurray! My hot air balloon is here. Now I can fly to the moon! Away I go!" But each time he tries to take off, a new friend asks to join him, and each one wants to bring something along. The agreeable Mr. Fox truly believes in the adage "The more the merrier" and acquiesces to each new suggestion with ease—Pizza? Sure. Milkshakes? You bet. Music, games, dancing? Absolutely! Of course, as the group in the basket grows, the balloon strings begin to fray, and keen-eyed readers will not be surprised when Mr. Fox and his pals are left stranded on the ground as the balloon shoots off toward the moon. "Away it goes! Oh well, I'll go to the moon another time…" muses the ever-optimistic Mr. Fox. "It's much more fun to be here with my friends." The jaunty, sailor-suited fox has equally natty friends, with Elephant in a fedora and Giraffe in a bomber jacket. Overall, the illustrations have a fun, 1950s vibe without seeming old-fashioned. The dark colors of a shadowy night contrasted with the bright sherbet colors of the city add a distinct joie de vivre to the story. Hand-lettered signs, billboards, and marquees enhance the sense of adventure and possibility that the city holds. Stylish, jazzy, and unique, this is a great addition and would work well for storytime.
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