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The Rocking Panda always seems to win in the 'Ooohh, so cute!' competition! She is a great symbol of how important and diverse nature can be, with a soft, caring nature that is sure to strike a chord in your child's heart. Let's go chew some bamboo high up on a Chinese mountain. Age: 1 year plus. An hypnotically Op-Art alternative to the classic rocking horse. This product is a design award winner, and was also selected as a 'highlight product' at the prestigious London Design Festival. You can't help but notice the punchy, modern graphic style, or be entranced by the mesmerizing effect when she starts rocking! Age: 1 year plus. Newmakers Design and Manufacture Kids Contemporary Products. They are based in the UK, deep in the heart of the Devon countryside, and are proud to say that all of their products are both designed and manufactured there. Newmakers items are characterized by their contemporary graphic style, honest use of materials, compact flat-pack construction, and timeless design. Their products have won international design awards.
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