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You will fall in love with the whimsical prints from MY MUSE COMES AND GOES. Perfect for a colorful child's bedroom! Cute print of Kitty, that's her name! And her Kitty cat up in the air. Printed in high quality Archival matte smooth Paper. Teddy Bear print Hi is ready for a swim! Rubber ducky lifesaver and all the other swimming gear! Printed in high quality archival Matte Paper. About MY MUSE COMES AND GOES: Desi has been drawing things since childhood. Animals touch a sensitive key on her heart as well as ice cream. She is not a professional artist and her diploma doesn't even come close to it! Her childhood inspires art; Her father and their Sunday outings to get ice cream, our beach trips, fishing, his over the edge enthusiasm about Christmas and lights, toys, and animals. She had to find a way to cope with changes and things not turning out how she planned or expected, so she began to draw again and it helped, so don't look for perfection in her drawings, you wont find them. Just look for an 8 year old trying to show you what she sees,the grownup will come out to show some things one day so be patient.
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