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Bella Bunny is a mischievous little bunny, who will snatch the carrot sticks right off your plate when you aren't looking.She will entertain you, or your little one for hours on end with her long limbs and sweet facial expression. She is the type of doll to be loved for decades, handed down from one person to another. Her facial features are hand embroidered by Sleepy King. She is made of organic linen, polka dot fabric, stuffed with polyfil and lots of love. She fits perfectly in little arms, and makes for a lovely sleepy time companion. Sleepy King started in 2008 after Savannah had her son. She was a stay at home mom who loved to craft. She decided she wanted to make soft toys for her son to play with, so she bought a cheap sewing machine and some fabric. Her imagination ran wild! Savannah's dreams were filled with plush toy ideas and she became obsessed with making soft toys. You can find owls, bears, foxes and more at her Etsy shop!
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