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Their bows are sweet and simple. Made with cotton fabric, each bow is sewn, pressed, and hand tied before being attached to an alligator clip or nylon elastic headband. Jane bows are $6.00 each and Kinder bows are $14.00. Lots of great colors and fabrics to choose from! They are Kent, Michelle, and Noah -- the family behind SaltCities. Kent handles the business, Michelle does the designing + sewing, and Noah takes care of the modeling. This is a family business in every sense of the term. They created SaltCities with the intent to help support our family on the side just shortly after Noah was diagnosed with sagittal, lambdoidal, and coronal Craniosynostosis. They never imagined that in less than a year they would be where they are and have the means to be able to give back to charities and organizations that helped support them on their cranio journey with Noah. Their love for salt water inspired their name as they have spent the majority of their lives living near the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Great Salt Lake. It has also inspired them to live a life full of authenticity and happiness -- which is the attitude we take when creating our products. Each item is currently handmade from their home in the beautiful state of Utah. They strive to make their products something that your little ones can wear and cherish for years to come. $1 from each sale is donated toward bringing awareness to Craniosynostosis.
Buy it at saltcities.com
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