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The Cheerful Creatures Collection is perfect for the animal lovers in your life. Featuring 14 different kinds of animals--your little one is sure to find one of their faves in this awesome line-up. The best part...these Cheerful Creatures have some strong "hairstyle game". I mean, a Walrus with a top-knot and a Panda with a faux hawk? Brenda Chela Designs has been a dream of hers for years. After her twin girls were born she found herself being inspired in new and exciting ways. One of the greatest lessons her kiddos have taught her is how uniquely they view the world. The things they say and do, or the questions they ask often spark ideas (as well as lots of laughter). I mean, she's got one kid who wants to dress up like an "Angler Fish" for Halloween (read: scary deep sea fish in Nemo). And another kid who can create a dramatic award-winning movie scene using the food on her plate as props. To put it simply: their creativity is contagious. She's applying this newfound ingenuity to her work and is anxious to share it!
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