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This crib-sized blanket is a priceless baby gift. Created by Pendleton Woolen Mills this incredibly soft blanket depicts the Chief Joseph print and has become an 80-year tradition. Your baby will love the bright colors and repetitive designs.

Made of 82% pure virgin wool and 18% spun cotton. The blanket's size is 32 inches by 44 inches. Eleven color options.

This blanket was inspired by Chief Joseph. When the U.S. government ordered the Nez Perce onto reservations in Idaho, Chief Joseph resisted, leading his band toward Canada. Considered a brilliant strategist, he won many battles against great odds. In 1877 he surrendered to save his people from a harsh winter with little food and no blankets. The Chief Joseph design includes Native American symbols of strength and bravery, attributes of this great chief whose courage and determination won him respect in times of peace and war.
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