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These charming decals by Made of Sundays are playful and ridiculously cute. They can adorn any child's bedroom and this friendly dragon is pretty good at scaring away ghosts and getting rid of any monsters living in their closet or under their bed. The content and curious kitty can make any surface look cute, and it doesn't even shed! The bow-tie clad bear is always a gentle-bear and the snoozing bunny is customizable making it perfect for the entrance of your child's bedroom.

You can arrange all the elements according to the size of your surface, hence these creatures will fit on most doors, closets or wherever you feel you need a happy face. Any cutout areas of the design allow your wall color to show through, which gives your decal a natural feel, rather than just looking like a sticker on the wall. Made of Sundays creates these whimsical vinyl door decals in Helsinki.
Buy it at madeofsundays.com
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