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The fabric ball pit is made with soft cotton and linen blended fabric. It is also decorated with small starry patterns and the cover is decorated with rocket and star patchworks. When babies want to play games, simply open the upper part with the zipper. If not, close the zipper so that dust does not accumulate on the balls for hygienic keeping. It is a practical product that can also be used as a pouf. The sides are cushioned for safe playing of babies. The bottom surface can be detached for washing. Materials: cotton and linen blended fabric(starry fabric), cotton 100%(details), hypo-allergenic premium polyester fiberfill. If not using the balls, you may replace them with “inside cushion.” Small Size: diameter about 60 cm, height about 30 cm / approx. 24" x 24" x 12" Medium Size: diameter about 75 cm, height about 30 cm / approx. 30" x 30" x 12" Large Size: diameter about 87 cm, height about 30cm / approx. 34"x 34"x 12" Putting 100 small balls in the small size, 200 balls in the medium size, and 300 balls in the large size is suitable for playing in fabric ball pool. You can also keep sewn soft dolls inside. Washing : Wash it by hand in cold water with a gentle detergent.
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