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These little fellows helps your child stay warm, when the leaves start changing and the snow starts dusting down or when there's a storm. Your child will love having their little squirrel and acorn mittens to adorn their little hands.

This design also comes as knitted socks as well! These gloves are perfect for children from 4-6 years of age. They are Hand knitted using 100% merino wool.

Fine Little Day is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their ambition is to create and offer quality design and crafts for children and adults who are young-at-heart. Their work is created by their design studio lead, Elisabeth Dunker and Ulrika E. Engberg. The products range from textiles to prints and are characterized by its simple aesthetics, expressive patterns and cheerfulness. The Scandinavian nature is a major inspiration and Fine Little Day strives to use sustainable and organic materials where feasible.
Buy it at finelittleday.com
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