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Your child's library is his/her universe and a key to worlds yet unknown. A personalized "This book belongs to" stamp to use in their personal books. Features an original drawing and hand lettering by The Small Object. Details: Wooden rubber stamp made with high-quality red rubber. Stamped design is 2" wide by about 2.5" tall. Features solid wood mount with handle. Sarah Neuburger is the illustrator, designer and owner of The Small Object which was established in 2004. She was born in the Midwest and raised in the South, spending most of her childhood mapping out elaborate neighborhood monorail bicycle map systems, singing "It's a Small World" until her mother could take no more. After spending some time hopping from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Jersey City, she completed a Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts and left the world of non-profit arts management to retreat back to the land of boiled peanuts + iced tea to start her own online business. Currently, The Small Object is a thriving online store that remains humbled by the consistent support for handmade objects and by those who continue to support independent designers.
Buy it at shop.thesmallobject.com
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