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It's no secret. Living in a house with kids means tons of tasks, piles of projects and chunks of chores. Luckily, our Gobs of Jobs Activity Chart is ready to keep them all manageable. With various tasks that you can assign to family members throughout the week on a colorful felt calendar. It's an easy and fun way to keep the house running smoothly (or somewhat smoothly). Activities and chores include, kissing mom or dad, going to bed on time, eating veggies, bathing, combing hair, getting dressed, feeding the pets, getting ready for school, brushing teeth and more.

The Gobs of Jobs Activity Chart is 28.5 inches wide by 22.5 inches high. This is a Land of Nod exclusive design by Michelle Romo. The calendar chart comes with 20 chore patches and 30 star patches.
Buy it at landofnod.com
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