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Unisex hooded sweater is a must have for your baby and toddler. It is made of soft baby alpaca wool which is known as one of the most sustainable fiber of the world. It is perfect for cold winter or cool summer evenings. Every detail is top quality and Eco friendly: softest baby alpaca wool from Peru, coconut buttons, un-dyed cotton labels. Features button-up front and contrasting white edges with melange touch. Every item comes individually packed, ready to give as a gift. Handmade.100 % baby alpaca from Peru The main properties of alpaca wool: Alpaca fleece is unique in that it consists of hollow cells. It demonstrates perfect insulating properties: alpaca fiber is ideal in cold weather conditions, and protects the child’s body from overheating when it is warm. Moisture resistance. Alpaca wool is naturally breathable and does not accumulate moisture (unlike many other fibers), and allows body moisture (perspiration) to evaporate. Baby alpaca is attributed to the most luxurious and soft fibers, such as cashmere. Does not cause allergies. Unlike sheep’s wool, Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin which accumulates dust and microscopic allergens. As a result, alpaca wool does not cause allergies and is suitable for baby clothing. Lightweight. Dressed in alpaca wool babies will feel warm and comfortable.
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