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The Great Bear and the Little Bear, designed to be displayed together. Put a little bit of the night sky into your baby's room! Welcome to the land of Cantabrigia. This is a digital file. In other words, you will not receive a physical print. You will receive: Instant download digital file, ready for printing. JPG. 300 dpi. 2400 x 3000 pixels. Optimized for an 8 x10 frame. Please remember that colors appear differently on different monitors. For best results, use a high quality printer at your local print shop. Cynthia started Cantabrigia in order to make beautiful things for kids. She noticed while looking at pictures of little girl's rooms for inspiration, that most of them were pink, with the same motifs over and over again. Princesses. Fairies. Tea parties. Repeat. Boys rooms, on the other hand, had dozens of themes. Sports, science, astronomy, sailing, dinosaurs, the list goes on and on. They were painted in a rainbow of colors (except, notably, pink.) Why are girls' rooms just pink and ruffles, while boys' rooms are everything else, full of adventure and excitement? She wants girls' rooms to have lots of colors, and lots of themes. Her art takes a lot of what is typically considered "girly", and turns it on its head. Girls aren't just cute and sweet. They're strong, brave, and interesting. Let's tell them that.
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