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A deeply nourishing blend of oils specially formulated to be used during pregnancy on the belly, breasts and thighs. Flax seed oil is specially protective to skin that is being stretched, by making the skin more malleable.

Fragrance free. Ingredients: Cold pressed unrefined Olive oil, infused with Calendula, Avocado oil, Flax seed oil and Vitamin E.

An all natural solution that relieves the discomforts of a growing body. They have been created to address the specific needs of expecting mothers. Massage belly oil on breasts, belly or thighs to soften tight skin and make it more pliable. Make this your nightly ritual.

To use the belly oil, rub a generous amount of oil into the skin just above your boobs all the way down to your thighs twice daily. Consistency is key, so if you're feeling lazy get someone else to do the dirty work with a full body massage.
Buy it at isasrestoratives.myshopify.com
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