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Jellycat was established in London in 1999 to create quirky, original and innovative soft toys for all ages. The name Jellycat was dreamt up by a child who loved jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of the two together. The silliness of the name was a great reflection of the design and so it stuck!

Continuing with the idea of silly and soft animals Jellycat has created Arnie the Anteater, Orlando the Owl and Cyril the Sloth. These three goofy characters have a scrummy, tawny fur and a snuggly, feathery softness. Flopsy, sleepy and smiley, with the friendliest grins, this trio is the perfect gift for adventurous boys and girls.

Jellycat is continuously experimenting with designs, trying to find the most loveable combination of soft squidginess and quirkiness each year.

Find Arnie the Anteater here.

Find Orlando the Owl here.

Find Cyril the Sloth here
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