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String A Farm lets you string up big, chunky shapes with these beautiful wood beads. Thread the cotton lace through the openings on either side of the beads and string up a collection! Stringing helps young children develop fine motors skills and the beads help promote sequencing and counting skills. Includes chunky wood beads, wooden needle, cotton lace and stopper. Painted in bright colors with sweet details, the wooden String a Farm pieces include standard farm animals as well as a red barn, a yellow tractor, and a fruit tree. Each piece has a lengthwise hole for stringing. The chunky figures included in String a Farm are thick enough to stand up on their own, allowing children to use them to act out farm scenes. The whimsical designs and bright colors will delight the tot-sized crowd. You're sure to hear your child's favorite animal noises as they explore the textures, shapes, and colors of the String a Farm. Recommended for children 3 to 5 years of age.
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