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Milk It Kit: Back to Work Survival Kit for Breastfeeding Moms provides peace of mind for nursing moms returning to work and planning to pump milk for their babies. It contains what nursing moms need for more positive pumping sessions while working. The Kit is the perfect back to work gift or baby shower gift for a friend, co-worker, relative or your proud pumping self!

Have no more fear of coworkers barging in on your pumping session! The kit will help you feel safe leaving your pumped milk in a communal refrigerator or freezer at work. It will help you step away from your desk without needing to explain, yet again, where you are headed. It can let airport security know exactly what is in that bag/cooler without needing to exclaim "It's my breastmilk!" in front of other travelers. Above all, it helps you to take pride in your hard work to provide milk for your child while you're working.

Included in the Kit: 2-sided Door Hangers, 2 Folded Desk Signs, 1 Pump Bag Tag, 32 Milk Labels and 3 Milk It Stickers.
Buy it at milkitkit.com
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