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Mommi 3-in-1 prenatal protein powder is designed to help manage weight gain during pregnancy while optimizing your baby's nutrition. Formulated by OB/GYN & top nutrition scientists, this powder conveniently combines 15 grams of premium whey protein, 100% of your daily vitamins of 14 essential prenatal vitamins and 200 mg DHA (what your baby uses to development their eyes, brain, and heart).

When Erin Schurtz, founder of Mommi 3-in-1 protein powder, found out she was pregnant, she went straight to her computer. She read everything she could find about proper nutrition and prenatal wellness. Folic acid? Check. Iron? Yes. Calcium? Got it. An additional 15 grams of protein? Uh-oh.

As an active woman, Erin had always supplemented her diet with a healthy protein shake everyday. But as she combed through her protein bars and powders, she came up empty-handed… and concerned. Each label carried the same warning: “Not recommended for pregnant women.”

So, Erin created Mommi 3-in-1 – a smooth-flavored daily supplement that packs a full 15 grams of premium whey protein, 100% of the daily recommended prenatal vitamins and 200 mg of DHA in every serving. It’s everything you and your growing baby need for a strong, healthy and wonderful start.

Gluten Free, MSG Free, and Non-GMO.
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