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The original Milk Snob™ multi-functional nursing cover is the first nursing cover on the market that provides 360° coverage, functions as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover and is fully adjustable at the opening. Modern, stylish and practical. Made out of a luxuriously soft and lightweight rayon blend fabric. The Fabric is breathable and provides important airflow for your child. Gives you the freedom of 360° coverage. Fully adjustable neck for your comfort. When they designed this cover they also had our NICU Mommy's in mind. It can be adjusted so you can pump while having your hands free. When used as a car seat cover, the opening can be fully closed, to protect your baby from wind, rain or harsh sunlight. Moms love it as a Baby Shower gift. One size fits most. Made in the USA.
Buy it at milksnob.com
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