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When baby’s first teeth erupt, it can cause the gums to hurt and be uncomfortable. To reduce this discomfort and soothe your baby, it may help for your child to bite into something. To help soothe their baby, many parents are looking for alternatives to teether toys in plastic or other potentially harmful materials. That’s why EcoBaby products are made from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasilienses. They are free of BPA, phthalate, PVC, lead, nitrosamine and other harmful chemicals. Offering a safe alternative to conventional baby teether toys. Their new Starfish teether is made from 100% pure and natural rubber and available worldwide.

The teether is lighter and softer than most teethers because they’re constructed with two sides of all-natural rubber, fused together by more all-natural rubber—leaving a cushion of air in between. No glue is used in the making of the product. This product is made in Italy by a family business that’s been manufacturing rubber baby-products for 3 generations.
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