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At Oat Mama, we designed a granola bar that supports your specific breastfeeding needs, so you can better support your little one. That means jam-packing Oat Mama bars with wholesome superfoods to help you power up your energy, your mood, and your MILK. Every ingredient has a job to do, no freeloaders here.

Oat Mama bars are the perfect answer to a breastfeeding mom’s busy lifestyle. Whether you are home with your kiddos or pumping at work, Oat Mama bars are specifically tailored to meet your needs. We pack a ton of brewer’s yeast in every bar, double the amount of lactation cookie recipes posted on the internet. The brewer’s yeast delivers a mom her essential B vitamins and trace minerals which specifically aid in fighting off postpartum depression, boosting immunity, and beautifying hair, nails and skin. The ground flax in Oat Mama bars provides essential omega 3 fatty acids which can be passed on through breastmilk to your baby. Cashew butter and almonds supply our brains with good fats. Oat Mama bars deliver the extra breastfeeding calories we need healthfully, so if you NEED to skip a meal, as we sometimes find ourselves doing, Oat Mama bars can keep you energized. Oat Mama bars are especially useful during times of low milk supply due to stress, exhaustion, sickness and travel.
Buy it at oatmama.com
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