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Art projects, tea parties, and snack time are all more fun in kid-sized proportions. Stylishly simple yet wonderfully inventive, this play table set, by Oeuf, makes a lovely addition to a nursery or play room, and features durable, eco-friendly finishes with an easy-to-clean laminate tabletop. Oeuf's strong Baltic birch bent plywood has a clean modern aesthetic that will last for years to come, but kids will mainly have eyes for the adorable bunny and bear-eared chairs. Delightful fabric stickers inspire kids to personalize them with whimsical eyes, mouths, and accessories. Removable and reusable, the stickers can also be safely used on the wall, the table, or wherever else little imaginations desire. Stickers are sold separately and all finishes are non-toxic, water-based, and free of VOC health hazards. Perfect for children 18 months and up. Check out the stickers here.
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