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Put tiny fingers happily to work threading Ollie Bird's feathers and wings onto her body. Thread them in order, upside down or any which way. But please don't forget her spectacles! She is blind as a bat without them. When she is dressed, she looks quite dapper and can hang on the wall to brighten up any lucky kid's room! The Ollie Bird! Sewing Toy is made from solid hardwood. Ollie's body is made from ash or cherry. Her feathers, wings, eyes, beak, and spectacles are made from hard maple. Her eyes also feature an inlaid walnut pupil! Each and every surface and edge of this toy has been lovingly sanded smooth, and finished with a hand rubbed coat of organic jojoba oil and beeswax polish. Although Ollie Bird prefers to be hanging on a branch or a hook, each toy will come packaged in a 100% cotton, drawstring bag. Each Ollie Bird Sewing Toy in this edition will be numbered and stamped. As always, handmade in the Midwest! Elephant Playthings are the makers of the solid wood rocker board, and many other simple wooden toys, furniture and accessories for children - all handcrafted with care in their small shop in Chicago, IL.
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