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OviaTM simplifies fertility and pregnancy. Get daily, accurate, and personalized feedback on when you're ovulating to when to call the doctor. Join the millions who have built their families with OviaTM. It's free! OviaTM Fertility gets to know your cycle so you can, too. Track your data, from periods to moods to symptoms: OviaTM analyzes it and tells you when you're most fertile. Your own daily timeline of articles and personalized feedback on your pregnancy. All your pregnancy questions answered, from "Is this normal?" to "Can I eat this?". Real-time alerts when your symptoms could be dangerous. Track your weight, sleep, moods, activity, and more. See your baby's actual hand size. Quick lookups for food, symptoms, and medications. They're Ovuline, the Boston-based company behind Ovia. They offer a new generation of health apps built by scientists and doctors using sophisticated algorithms, and they're proud to be a majority female team. Ovuline's story began when one of our co-founders, Alex, created the ovulation predication algorithm when he and his wife were trying for their first child. It worked, and their son Michael was born. They're passionate about using data and technology to help couples understand their unique health and make beautiful babies. Empowering their users to better understand their bodies and helping people build their families is what they're all about!
Via ovuline.com
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