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The Pallas M-Fix 2-in-1 car seat can be used starting at 9 months of age and can fit your child for more than 11 years. The Pallas M-fix boasts an adjustable safety cushion which resembles an inflated airbag, reducing the risk of serious neck injuries in the event of a head-on collision without confining your child. New side protectors absorb the impact energy at a very early stage providing an innovative side impact protection. The force of a head-on collision is distributed over the safety cushion and absorbed by its impact-absorbing materials. The harness does not injure the child, while at the same time the sensitive head, neck shoulders and inner organs are protected. The newly designed adjustable safety cushion adjusts perfectly to the child's body and additionally offers more freedom of movement of the upper body as well as maximum safety especially in frontal impacts when compared to conventional five-point harness systems.

Available in 10 different color combinations.
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