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The PeriCoach System takes the guesswork out of pelvic floor muscle training. Pelvic floor muscles are muscles like in any other part of the body. Exercising them properly restores tone and strength. PeriCoach helps with the training itself, provides real-time feedback that is beamed to a smartphone so you can view your progress. PeriCoach is also the first system to document your results over time so they can be shared with a clinician or pelvic health physiotherapist.

PeriCoach combines a pelvic floor training sensor, that you insert and squeeze against, with an app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). It provides guidance through your training session and monitors your progress. The PeriCoach training device contains 3 biofeedback sensors. Once inserted, you squeeze against the device and the sensors detect the contractions of the pelvic floor muscles sending an immediate report to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It provides a constant flow of information to show your progress, allowing you to to see and document your results.

Seeing the results and, over time, feeling the difference in the strength of the pelvic floor muscles is very gratifying. Restoring strength to pelvic floor muscles is not only associated with treatment of UI, but clinical evidence suggests this may also improve intimacy.
Buy it at pericoach.com
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