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All wallpaper is designed by Kate. All rolls of self-adhesive (removable) wallpaper can be used in a kids room, powder room, around the fireplace, on an accent wall or even as shelf liner! Cheer up an old cupboard! Apply to your kitchen backsplash. All wallpaper is removable and easy to clean. For scale, the multi color print arrows of the Paper Arrows print are 1 7/8 inches each in length. The hand drawn arrows of the Arrow Collection print are 1" inch each in length. This wallpaper has an adhesive on the back that is activated when immersed in water. It is NOT peel and stick. For peel and stick decals or panels please contact the shop! Product details: - FSC certified paper and inks - PVC-free, durable and eco-friendly - Self-adhesive: soak in water and apply - Fully removable: perfect for apartments and rentals
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