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Ricemon is their hairiest, scariest monster! Eek! With his bright, toothy grin and pointed horns, he'll certainly scare off any enemies. But, don’t worry; if you treat him nicely, he’ll always be on your side. Ricemon has cuddlesome brown fur, an embroidered yellow chest and soft white horns. Ricemon’s older and wiser brother much prefers to do his scaring at night time and loves hiding away in the shadows. Don’t worry though; if you promise to be his friend forever, he’ll scare away any creatures of the night while you’re asleep. Ricemon has soft black fur, embroidered eyes and teeth and sweet, yellow curls on his chest. Noodoll is a fun, bold, design-led brand. They design and produce toys, gadget holders, stationery, accessories (and lots more). They're based in London but they send these goodies, with lots of love, to lucky recipients around the world. At the heart of Noodoll are a cast of characters, both mischievous and friendly in equal measure.
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