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Babies love to rock! So-Ro is not a traditional cradle, it is much more. The design of this cradle is intended to generate a linear motion which soothes and comforts even the most restless babies. The So-Ro cradle has been designed by an occupational therapist to provide a soothing effect generated by its linear motion. This movement simulates the motion of being back inside the mother's womb, and later, the rocking motion in their parents' arms. This linear rocking enables babies to feel a rhythmic and familiar comfort. With three grades of elevation at the head, the so-ro cradle helps to maintain a clear, unobstructed environment around the infant's head. This promotes healthy breathing, and is especially helpful for babies with colds or stuffy noses. Plus the stylish Scandinavian design makes the so-ro suitable for the bedroom at night and for the living room during the day. The cradle rocks in a gentle and stable manner, with very little effort.

Available in walnut or white.
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