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More than 25,000 parents have discovered the benefits of sleeping close to their baby with the Bednest without the worries or risks associated with sleeping in the same bed. Awarded the 2014 'Consumer's Choice bedside cot' by Mumii voters, the safety of your baby is our main priority. As such Bednest has been designed with more unique features and benefits than any other bedside crib in the world.

Unique to the Bednest, the SafeBridge side panel lowers onto your mattress to ensure there is no dangerous gap between the crib and your bed, meaning you can be confident when bringing your baby into your bed for feeding, care and comfort.

The Bednest side panel can be configured in 4 ways. This includes a half-fold mode which, when closed, protects your little one from rolling into your bed whilst maintaining visability and easy access.
Buy it at bednest.com
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