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Because every childhood is a story to be told... and every story needs a good back ground. How can a prince be the Prince... without his Pony. This toy was designed, patterned and handmade by milipa in cotton fleece. Dimensions of the pony are: 13" (33cm) wide/ 11" (28cm) tall. The pony is washable (in lukewarm water and ONLY by hand). The toy is kid friendly made in pet free and smoke free ambient. About milipa: Aesthetic aspect is very important for Milena in her designs. She wants her toys to be the source of joy for children in playtime and also an input to discovering the world of uniqueness. She truly believes that well-made toys “with a soul” can form our children, opening them to the world of beauty, values and meanings - as any art does. Sometimes a particular object can leave us in this strange state of stupor, which can be explained only by one word – magic. This is what I want my toys to be for those who receive them. She wants them to be magic for your little girl and for your little boy, helping them discover the world and discover themselves. If you are an adult and you hold her toys in your hands, she would like that they bring you memories of your own childhood and of what you have dreamed off when you were a child. Because finding joy in a toy does not necessarily have to be associated with playing with them.
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