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Tiny Cottons means great design, high quality and above all, lots of fun! Founded in 2012 in Barcelona their creative team wishes to be as imaginative as their kids. They work to be bold and humorous with their designs. Their swim trunks are long lasting made out of 92% polyamide 8% elastane while also hoping to be your kids' favorite swim outfit.

All of the swim trunks are made to fit with a cosy elasticized waistband. The retro trunks have a vintage pink base with a light red retro stripe print. The swim area trunks have a light blue base with a vintage blue and light red swim area print. The vintage green kayaking print has vintage yellow kayaks with navy oars and a green base. And finally, the ropes trunks have a pink base with a navy and light red ropes print.

For the retro stripe trunks click here.

For the swim and wave trunks click here.

For the kayak trunks click here.

For the rope and knot trunks click here.
Buy it at tinycottons.com
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