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All their bookmarks have been painted by hand. Each one is composed by unique illustrations made over a solid piece of wood. Each bookmark can be personalized in some way : by adding a name of your choice, or a quote from your favorite author… or simply leave it as it is! This listing is for a pack of 3 bookmarks, each featuring an unique illustration. They're happy to accept custom orders. Either because you want to give a personal touch to your bookmarks or even if you’re looking for a different set number. Dimensions: 15cm x 2cm ( 5.9'' x 0.8''). The Desfigura creation came from the need to easily explore, different uses of available materials, recycling and transforming them, with no barriers or impediments. Teresa loves to explore and play with several materials; the result are... unique products that possess a bit of her personality. The main goal: make the world that surrounds her more colorful and fun.
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