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A well-travelled boat for the young adventurers! It is a high quality, eco-friendly, wooden toy, safe for the child. It is created to stimulate imagination in play. It preserves simplicity in design and composition leaving room for imagination. The toy is comprised of 8 geometric pieces that compose the boat and waves in more than one ways. The different combinations of the geometric forms attribute to the toy an educative value and stimulate the child to develop fine motor and cognitive skills through play. They are are Jose and Athina, the creators of the Wandering Workshop, a Greek toy brand. They design and make eco-friendly, modern wooden toys in their studio in Ios, a small island in the Cyclades, Greece. Their toys reflect the love for clear and simple forms, natural but vivid colors, friendly textures and materials, and an extra attention to the detail. Their toys invite both kids and parents to a world open to imagination. They are inspired to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage creative play. They have a story to tell and invite the child to create its own.
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