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La siesta has specialized on developing and marketing high quality hammocks and hammock chairs since 1991. In search of ways to calm down crying babies there have been many attempts to emulate the swaying movements babies know from their mothers' wombs. Yayita is a wonderfully soft cocoon that is known for its soothing effect even on fussy babies. Babies love swinging gently in a snug environment. Yayita organic baby hammock safely cradles your baby and enables you to rock it gently. Open and closed position provide flexibility. With safety belt and warming, padded blanket. Suitable for infants aged 0-12 months. The spreader bar is made of cultivated bamboo. Thanks to its production in high quality plate technology, it has an exceptionally robust structure and a comfortably smooth surface. The bamboo is weatherproof and can be left outside all summer without compromising its stability. The practical spreader bar allows flexible adjustment- whether your baby prefers to be cradled more snugly or more openly. The organic cotton fabric is particularly soft to the touch and easy to clean.
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